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What would you do if someone launched fireworks toward you at your workplace? The firework left a 7-inch hole near the base of the restaurant's wall in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

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RELATED: Jessica Biel on dating Justin Timberlake: ‘We didn’t kiss for a very long time’ By 2010, the actress was back to her trademark, warm brunette color, on display here at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Because my brother is 5’10 and he seems shorter than you… Please stop considering us like threats or tigresses.

If I was to calculate the average size of my family, I would probably get something like 5’11. : DDD Lastly, to all the young Amazons out there, those ones still struggling in school and highschool, feeling like aliens who don’t belong anywhere, do not worry, fear no more sweethearts and stay strong, because if you can manage to understand what I’ve just said and to give it the time to grow in your minds and hearts, you’ll soon see that things will only get MUCH BETTER.

That’s why you apparently told yourself : “Maybe I should go and tell her, just in case… We can’t even bat our eyelashes from below for God’s sake! My mother, my father, aunts and uncles from both sides… Compared to the population’s average size, I’m sooooo way beyond it, with my 5 feet… I can promise you all you’ll see in their eyes will be admiration. ;) To all the Amazons who enjoy themselves : JUST KEEP ON DOING YOUR THING!!!

First, she squeezes the excess water from her hair, flips her head upside down and applies Cantu leave-in conditioner. She then removes additional water with a cotton t-shirt that she wraps her hair in. Put the heat settings on warm (not hot) with the speed on high10. This part usually takes me like 20 minutes (definitely have to take breaks so all the blood doesn't rush to my head and make me pass out).11.

After ten minutes, she removes the wrap and blow dries strands with a diffuser and finishes with hairspray. Apply generous amount of Cantu leave-in conditioner. When it's close enough to completely dry, spray with medium-hold hairspray.