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As many of you know or don’t know, I’ve been involved in the Persian community since 1998, and in it, I’ve experienced the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. I wanted to learn so that I could teach my kids one day, say sweet things to my husband of the time, talk with his family and friends, and to be included and involved in what’s going on, being that I married into a Persian family.I learned Farsi by buying and reading a crazy amount of Persian books, reading the Persian newspaper, listening to Radio Iran, and asking an immense amount of questions to my spouse at the time, his family, and his friends.There are jokes about Irish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Polish-Americans and Italian-Americans. Listen up people: we've been here almost thirty years now - figure it out already!(To be fair, there are also no German-American jokes, but what is there to make fun of? To get you started and rectify this gross injustice, here's a cheat sheet of said quirks: 1. According to the last US census, Iranian-Americans possess on average 4.7 doctorates for every man, woman and child. First, every Iranian mom pushes her kid to become a doctor or lawyer (or both) and failing that, a dentist. If you've ever gone to the beach with an Iranian friend, he's probably redefined the term 'Persian carpet' for you.

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I’ve been lucky enough to have most of the Persians that I’ve known embrace me and my heart for embracing their culture.

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But that day he realized that I took the bus back to my home after school, and because he did not want me to ride alone, he took the bus all the way home with me, walked me to my door, and then promptly turned around and rode the bus all the way back home.