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Whilst Kevin - who starred as Eric in both the TV series and the film - chose to cover up in the California sun, Sabina went in the opposite direction sartorially - choosing to showcase her endless legs.

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Since the Divorce Act of 1969, which made it possible for women to leave a marriage, keep the kids and receive alimony, an increasing number of women are choosing to bring up children alone.

Podcast Redefined, This is the second episode of the brand NEW Podcast CROSS THEORY.

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Once upon a time it used to be relatively simple to be a man: your role, as indeed it was my father's role, was to look after your wife and children, provide for them, make major decisions around the house and bring home the bacon.

When I was young and my father was temporarily unemployed after leaving the Army in the Fifties, there was no question that my mother might step into the breach and go out to work. I remember my father being depressed and angry during this brief period; later, when we talked about such issues, he told me that much of his unhappiness stemmed from feeling that he was letting down his family. My mother needed my father to keep a roof over her head and food on the table for her children. Last week, a survey revealed that 39 per cent of women who work full-time believe they earn more than their men.