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How europe is accomodating muslims

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When a humanitarian tragedy disappears from our newspapers, there are two possibilities: that the crisis is over and life for survivors is gradually returning to normal — or that the human toll has become so routine as to no longer be considered newsworthy.Sadly, the deaths of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean to seek a new life in Europe fall into the latter category.“Our ambition is for them to be used equally by girls and boys, men and women.”But the trend is not just about achieving 50-50 visitor figures.For decades, Swedish city swimming pools have operated mixed-gender pools, but by adding women-only hours, officials are hoping to accommodate the country's growing Muslim population.Employers often do not see headscarves in the same light, and relying on uniform dress codes, their desire to maintain their corporate image, or the nebulous concept of “customer preference,” have over the years objected to wearing traditional Islamic head coverings at work.Less than a year after 9/11 the EEOC brought a class action against American Airline Plaintiff was a car rental agent, responsible for renting cars and personally interacting with customers at the counter and on the telephone.Eighteen months after the photographs of little Alan Kurdi’s body on a Turkish beach generated a huge swell of public emotion, entire families are still dying on a regular basis.

It is ludicrous to regard migrants who survive their journey across the Mediterranean and land on European shores as saboteurs, out to destroy our way of life.

First, let’s agree with Otto von Bismark’s wise words that “politics is the art of the possible“.

Those Europeans who think that they will simply expel all Muslims from Europe or somehow manage to eliminate Islam from Europe are deluded.

Likewise, those (rather few) Muslims who want to create some kind of Caliphate in Europe are no less deluded.

In fact, all those who offer simple, straightforward “solutions” to the current crisis would be well advised to study some Hegelian dialectics to understand that the outcome of this crisis will not be the return to a status quo ante or the creation of an absolutely new reality. I have personally worked in refugees centers in Switzerland (as a translator and interpreter) and I have worked as an analyst for the Swiss General Staff where the issue of refugees was often front and center and I can promise you that anybody who really knows how the system works also fully realizes that most of these immigrants are here to stay, even the pseudo-political refugees who are, in reality, economic immigrants and not political refugees at all (about 99% of so-called “political refugees”). Third, those Muslims who are already in Europe will inevitably climb the social ladder even if right now they are at the bottom.