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Samsung weather widget not updating location

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It’s always a pleasant experience to a beautiful weather widget on our phone’s homescreen and when it comes to a clock weather widget, I think the Motorola Circle Clock Weather widget is the best looking widget found on Android phones.

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Accu Weather is one of the more established weather sites out there today, and it has a sizable Android following not only because of a simple yet feature-rich app, but also because Accu Weather powers a plethora of widgets and third-party weather apps.

They use Accuweather for a reason: it's dependable and damn accurate. That accuracy here is combined with a clean, concise app that is easy to navigate and easy to understand.

Bottom-line: Accuweather is the forecasting brains behind many a weather app, but its own app is simple, stable, and gets the job done in style.

I have tested the mods on stock and custom ROMs both and they are working just fine.

You can select the transparency level of the widget from below.