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Simplifymedia updating

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Yesterday’s Yo La Tengo show reminded me of the first time (technically it was the second time, Stephen played an instore earlier that afternoon) I saw Magnetic Fields when they were their opening band. They seem to use short snippets of their songs all over the place.Compared to the lighthearted banter and fantastic sound of the shows like this one that was recorded at in North Carolina, they were very distant and sounded “off” live. I really enjoy how different the songs sound live, but as you can tell from this track which ends very abruptly you really need to hear the songs in the context of the full recording, not piecemeal like I’m providing here.This intuitive software listens to a song within range of your phone, and seconds later, it identifies the artist and album.It then offers you the option of downloading it from i Tunes, ensuring that you’ll never again have to be stumped by a mystery track. Expand your music library Simplify Media lets you access your friends’ music libraries through your phone.You can also control the volume by adjusting your Air Tunes speakers, and it navigates just like the i Pod function of the i Phone.Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you create playlists directly on your i Phone. Hear a song, buy a song This was one of the most-hyped apps when the i Phone 3G was first released, and it continues to be popular.

Another simple procedure but definitely the most important one out of them all. Sign in after you launch the desktop app and it’s ready for you to share with the whole world.

There are no firewall or network settings to mess with.

Here is a screen shot of it running on my computer…

I’ve just got to tell you about this app called Simplify Media today.

This is a great new tool for us music lovers out there. I’ve done something like this before where I setup my Wii to access my i Tunes library and it wasn’t fun at all, but the people at Simplify Media have really lived up to their name.