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Updating album info

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2) Go to the media library screen, in this screen you can see all the music files in a chronological order.3) Now scroll down till you find songs titled unknown, or albums with unknown information.

Purchases from Google Play may contain a unique identifier in the metadata of digital download files that's required by some record labels. Note: If album art for a file appears in your i Tunes library but not on Google Play, it's likely that the album art was added by i Tunes and wasn't included in your original music file.Google Play reads different text in the "Album Artist" field as separate albums.Using Windows Media player you can easily update the album information of any unknown albums or tracks present in your collection.Below is the process by which you can update album info easily 1) First update all the music files and albums in Windows Media player library from your computer.All tracks that Windows Media Player recognizes to be from the same album, will automatically be updated with the new art once you’ve added to it.