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Updating ku990 firmware

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Certificate error: On some S60 devices, Thawte certificate is not allowed to be used for application signing. N95, 6680): The MIDP2 Thawte Certificate may not be present in some 6210 Navigator Devices (see known Issues below) Usually, C: is phone memory and E: is removable card.

Hence, your Trek Buddy data dir may look like (see Configuration).

updating ku990 firmware-28

Youll be notified about new DLL, download it and restart the software.

PERFORMANCE 5) Receiver - WCDMA Mode No Item Specification 1 Reference Sensitivity Level -106.7 d Bm(3.84 MHz) 2 Maximum Input Level -25d Bm(3.84MHz) -44d Bm/3.84MHz(DPCH_Ec) [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) 3 Adjacent Channel Selectivity (ACS) 33d B [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) 4 In-band Blocking -56d Bm/[email protected] 1 0MHz [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) -44d Bm/[email protected] 1 5MHz [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) 5 Out-band Blocking -44d Bm/[email protected]=2050~20~2230MHz [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) -30d Bm/[email protected]=2025~20~2255MHz [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) -15d Bm/[email protected]=l~20-1 2500MHz [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) 6 Spurious Response -44d Bm CW [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) 7 Intermodulation Characteristic -46d Bm [email protected] 10MHz -46d Bm/[email protected] [email protected] 20d Bm output power(Class3) 8 Spurious Emissions -57d [email protected]=9KHz~1GHz, 100K BW -47d [email protected]=1 -12.5GHz, 1M BW -60d [email protected]=1920MHz~1 980MHz, 3.84M BW -60d [email protected]=2110MHz~21 70MHz, 3.84M BW Copyright © 2007 LG Electronics. PERFORMANCE 6) Receiver - HSDPA Mode No Item Specification 1 Maximum Input Level (BLERor R), 16QAM Only Sub-Test : 1=1/15, 2=12/15, 3=13/15, 4=15/8, 5=15/7, 6=15/0 BLER = 700kbps 2.4 Current Consumption 1) KU990/U990 Current Consumption Stand by Voice Call VT WCDMA Under 4.00 m A (DRX=1.28) Under 350 m A (Tx=10d Bm) Under 550m A (Tx=10d Bm) GSM Under 4.00 m A Paging=5 period Under 300 m A (Tx=29d Bm) (Stand by and Voice Call Test Condition : Bluetooth off, LCD backlight off, Neighbor Cell off) (VT Test Condition : Speaker off, LCD backlight On) LGE Internal Use Only - 16- Copyright © 2007 LG Electronics. Acoustic (Max Vol.) MS/Headset SLR :8±3d B MS/Headset RLR : -15 ±3d B/-12d B (SLR/RLR : Mid-value setting) MS and Headset Max Under -62 d Bm 2.8 Charging • Charging Method : CC & CV (Constant Current and Constant Voltage) • Maximum Charging Voltage : 4.2 V • Maximum Charging Current : 600 m A • Normal Battery Capacity : 1000 m Ah • Charging Time : Max 3 hours (except for trickle charging time) • Full charging indication current (charging icon stop current) : 80 m A • Cut-off voltage : 3.20 V (Stand-By), 3.10V (Talk) LGE Internal Use Only - 18- Copyright © 2007 LG Electronics. TECHNICAL BRIEF 3.1 General Description The U990 supports UMTS-2100, GSM-900, DCS-1800, and PCS-1900 based GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS. The UMTS receive paths each include an LNA, an RF band-pass filter, and a downconverter that translate the signal directly from RF-to-baseband using radio One ZIF techniques.

Only for training and service purposes - 15- LGE Internal Use Only 2. GSM : Power Level : 5 DCS/PCS : Power Level : 0 (Cell Power : -90 - -105 d Bm) -. Only for training and service purposes 3, TECHNICAL BRIEF 3. The antenna connects with receive and transmit paths through a FEM(Front End Module).

BLOCK DIAGRAM 167 6.1 GSM & UMTS RF Block 167 6.2 Interface Diagram 169 7. The GSM/EDGE transmit path employs one stage of up-conversion and, in order to improve efficiency, is divided into phase and amplitude components to produce an open-loop Polar topology: 1.

Only for training and service purposes - 13- LGE Internal Use Only 2. All receivers and the UMTS transmitter use the radio One 1 Zero-IF architecture to eliminate intermediate frequencies, directly converting signals between RF and baseband. The RFIC's Rx analog baseband outputs, for the receive chains, connect to the MSM IC.